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Allan & Dianne BaldeerstonMom on large pumpkin with April & DadStand before latest renovationMarket in the fallLloyd BalderstonDianne and kids working the fieldStand around 1971

Our History

Farming has been in the Balderston family for many generations. My grandfather, Murdock Balderston purchased the farm in the community of Cross Roads, which is now part of the town of Stratford, around the turn of the twentieth century.

He passed on his farming knowledge to his sons, one of them being my father, Lloyd Balderston. He and my mother, Reta, (Birt), operated a mixed farm with their three children, Allan (myself), Doreen and Marjorie.On this small mixed farm they started growing strawberries, a true passion of theirs.

One day in the summer of 1957, I went to the road-side with my little red wagon to sell a few boxes of strawberries. Within a short time I was calling my mother, who was in the field working close by, to bring me down more strawberries. This was the beginning of roadside marketing for the Balderston's and the next year a small building was erected from which to sell our strawberries.

Over the next few years our customers would ask for other fruit and vegetables and as has become our custom we have always responded to our customers' requests. Thus we began to grow what has become a full line of fruit and vegetables.

For many years, my mother and father took pride in operating the road-side stand. In 1967, I met Dianne, Moore, who not only became one of our employees at the market, but also my wife in 1970. She was a city girl but took to farming like a duck takes to water and together, for many years, we grew approximately 200 acres of fruit and vegetables. We marketed our crops through the wholesale trade, but today focus on marketing through our farm market.

We are very blessed to have raised three children, Adam, April and Anders, on our farm and now have a daughter-in-law, Sonya (Adam), and two grand-daughters, Kaitlin and Emma who all support and help out when needed. Our daughter, April, plays a very active part in the operation of both our farm and farm market. Traditionally over the past fifty plus years there is seldom a time when a customer to our market would not be greeted by a Balderston and, today, we are happy to say this could be one of four generations.

- Allan Balderston, 2010